What is the quickest, most cost-effective route to Chinese eCommerce sales?

The questions most often heard about Chinese e-commerce (after the “Should we doing this?” “Yes we should” internal debate) has always been: “how quickly can we be up and running and how much will it cost?”

While it was historically the case that it was both a costly and time-consuming process to get an e-commerce proposition up and running in China, the truth is that things have changed. Avenue51 has just launched an Automated Onboarding process which opens up the potential of Chinese e-commerce to the majority of British SMEs in a very cost-effective, and relatively quick – weeks rather than months – process.

How much? Well, for only £1000 (yes, £1k, 100 x @ £10, or 1000 £1 coins, you get the point) and a few minutes spent filling in a simple online form, you can get your business trading on the Royal Mail Tmall Global store in China.

How does that sound?

It’s the cheapest route to China and it can be found by clicking on this link which will take you to the front page. All you need do is register, read the FAQs to make sure the proposition is appropriate for you and that you are able to join, complete the form and press the button and there you are.

It’s not for everyone but for the first time it’s fair to say that Chinese e-commerce is accessible to the majority. Have a look. If you have any problems or questions that the FAQ doesn’t answer then drop us a line via this blog or the contact form on the website and we’ll do what we can to help.


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