Success in Chinese e-commerce is all about the bits you don’t see

Per the earlier post, Tmall provides Waitrose and many of our other clients with the ideal sales platform to reach deep into the Chinese consumer market but in order to succeed in Chinese e-commerce you also need marketing, IT and logistics – there’s activity going on to support clients which is often hidden from view but which is absolutely necessary to ensure success.

From a marketing perspective, Avenue51 uses the latest PR, social media, viral marketing and affiliate marketing techniques and channels to support all of our clients (including Waitrose, Works With Water, Linwoods, Glenbrae AND Royal Mail, among others) achieve their objectives. Our main goal is brand position and ROI.

Of course, it helps that Avenue51 IT solution is the most comprehensive available to British companies.  Our set-up allows UK brands to upload product detail and maintain accurate stock availability information through API, FTP and excel. Our integration process is simple and quick and our market reach is extensive: in China we are integrated with more than 20 Major Chinese platforms.

Finally, flexibility in logistics is key to delivering the most cost-effective service and Avenue51 is highly adept at applying the most appropriate solution to the client’s situation.  We use the Royal Mail Parcelforce service, Direct injection and also bonded warehouse and this blend of logistics solutions ensures we deliver the goods in the quickest time for the merchant while also at the same time reducing shipping costs and customs delays.

Success in China and in Chinese e-commerce really is about all the bits behind the scenes that you don’t necessarily see at first glance.


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